I think we can all agree that no other artist could engage an audience like Judy Garland.

In my opinion, besides her amazing talent, what made her connect with her audience was her vulnerability, her sense of humor, the way she made fun of herself.

She was a great story teller and she would tell her audience about the woman who wrote an article on her calling her fat and saying that her teeth was crooked, and she would tell her audience about a certain Paris hairdresser who wanted her to look ‘nothing like Judy Garland’.

In an era where women had to be glamorous, she would sit at the edge of the stage and take her shoes off, because they were killing her. She would talk about the ‘struggle’ to get into that dress. She would open her act at the Palace with a song saying ‘call the press and tell them I still got 9 pounds to lose’. She always made fun of her age during her concert years and whenever she was to sing a song from her old MGM days, she would tell the audience that said song was from a movie she made in 1783, and she would tell them what movie it was and when they cheered, she would add that they were the only ones who had seen it.

She was the girl next door, with the same problems we all have. She wasn’t perfect and she would be the first to tell you that. She would forget her lyrics and make up new ones, she would miss a note, and when the audience was in the edge of their seats she would hit it ten times better than it was supposed to be. When fans would scream song titles, she’d say that she would sing them all and stay all night. And she did sing them all.

She was witty, she was funny and she could sing like nobody else.

As she would say, she brought the audiences own emotions to them, and that was what made her unique.